Galactic Missions
Metaphysical Science Fiction and Fantasy Chapter Books for kids
set in the Alien Characters Universe

Three titles now available in printed form!

Ida and the Planet Invasion
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Gabriel and the Resurrection of Maldek
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Tiara and the Comet Apocalypse
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So, you know what Ida, Gabriel and Tiara look like

But what about our other characters?

Some characters can already be seen on our sister site here:
Alien Characters

And here is an amazing image of the inside of the Celestial Breeze Spaceship.
Click on the image below to zoom in and look closely at the different levels inside the Alien Characters' ship
(2MB file. May take a few moments to load on slower connections)

 More pictures to be added soon

You can also watch Alien Bob and Alien Hamish as they were before they joined the Celestial Breeze here:

Alien Characters Videos

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